Portrait of the artist Edward B. Gordon

Edward B. Gordon

Scenes of a big city: a young woman crossing the rain-soaked street, an umbrella glowing in the sunlight - situations that were reality a moment ago but already faded. Edward B. Gordon (born in 1966) is able to capture these exact moments in pictures. He gives them back their liveliness in rough brushstrokes and rich colours.

In 2006, he starts to paint a 15 x 15 cm picture every day and posts it on the internet. Out of nowhere, he builds up an international collector base. With this daily routine and discipline, he develops his painting. "Since I started painting a picture every day, I have become more aware of many things, for example, the weather and the seasons, especially their quiet but sometimes dramatic changes, the changes in light and mood... My perception has definitely changed. In this process, I have learned to see, instead of just looking."

Gordon also creates numerous larger paintings, on which he works for months or sometimes even years. Sometimes they depict places to linger or tell stories of fleeting moments. His painterly skill unfolds the best on large canvases, where he transforms everyday scenes into overwhelming poetry.

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