Postwar Modernism

Discover the works of the most important artists of post-war modernism, including signed works by Gerhard Richter, Heinz Mack, A. R. Penck and others.

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Art after 1945

The end of World War II was also a turning point for art in Germany.

The styles of the previous years had become obsolete, and Bauhaus teachers, Surrealists and other representatives of modern art brought new artistic impulses back to Europe after immigrating to the United States.

Young painters such as Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz or the ZERO group led by Günther Uecker and Otto Piene began to question previously valid norms. Joseph Beuys propagated the abolition of the separation between art and life itself.

Today, the newcomers of the time have long since entered art history and are among the most important representatives of their craft.