Sculptures for your Garden

Gardens are places of peace and relaxation. However, they can also be a perfect stage for art in the open air. An exhibition space for sculptures that, in interaction with the surrounding flora, create their own effect.

Numerous artists' gardens are almost legendary, just think of Claude Monet's garden, which provided the inspiration and motif for the artist's famous water lily paintings.  

 Let yourself be inspired for your own garden. Set individual accents in your green retreat with a classic or modern sculpture.


Sculptures for Outdoors

Outdoor works of art - and for this purpose sculptures are particularly suitable - always interact with nature. Whether delicate or massive, discreet, or expansive - the imagery of an art object in the garden will inevitably relate to the surrounding design in a fascinating way. 
While the sculpture is permanent, the garden will change throughout the seasons. The special aesthetic qualities of the material from which the artistic work is made will always emerge anew.

For example, a filigree, modern sculpture will cause excitement in the summer garden - while it can become an aesthetic haven of peace in the winter when it is covered in snow. 

As individual as the artists themselves, so are the materials they prefer. What would Michelangelo be without 'his' marble, what would Giacometti be without bronze, or Olaf Holzapfel without wood?

Find out which material suits you and your individual location.
It is often worth walking through the space in your mind and considering different colour and shape variations. There are no limits to creativity.

In the following, you will find a selection of different works of art that would surely make an impressive eye-catcher for your property.