Selling Art With ARTES


Do you want to offer an artwork on the art market?

ARTES specialises in 20th and 21st-century art.

We are interested in renowned artists and artworks of classical modernism, pop art, post-war modernism, and contemporary art.

Do you have questions about selling? We will be pleased to advise you individually on your desired appointment date: 

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3 Steps of Selling Art wit us:

1. Send Us a Photo

Send us photos of the artworks (front, back and signature).


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Or call us:
+49 (0)511 642 771 34

Please tell us your telephone number. We will call you back.

2. Valuation by Experts

Our experts will estimate your submission, prepare an individual offer, and contact you within a short time.

3. Presentation and Sale

We offer your artworks in our online shop and optionally through the half-yearly catalogue. In addition, we personally contact our collectors and regular customers for selected works.  

Your Advantages With ARTES

• Free of charge

• Valuation by our experts

• Works of art remain with you until sold

• Fast sale, no waiting times

• Fixed prices, no fluctuations based on the market

• No auction fees

• No insurance fees

• No photo or catalogue fees

• Prompt payment

The sale via ARTES is free of charge for you
There are no fees for consignment.

On-site appraisal and estimation of your artworks by our experts.
ARTES has had expertise in the art trade since 1978 and has a broad network of experts for various styles. We estimate your artworks free of charge, make you an individual offer and then offer your artworks in the online shop and catalogue.

Private sale
Do you not want to offer your artworks through the online shop or our catalogues? For a discreet sale of your artwork, we can also directly contact collectors and interested parties. This is often the preferred method for buyers, especially for high-quality artworks. Moreover, there is no listing in international databases - ensuring complete anonymity.

Your artwork stays with you until it is sold
At an auction house, your work is sometimes stored for up to more than a year before it goes up to auction. However, when you sell your artwork with ARTES, it remains with you until we have found a buyer. This way, you always know where your artwork is, and there are no costs for transport or returns.

Quick sale online and through our catalogue
As soon as we take a work of art into our programme, it goes online and up for sale. With an auction house, you are dependent on auction dates that must also match the theme of your artwork. This often results in up to a year passing before your work appears in an auction. Save yourself time and sell directly.

Through ARTES, you can reach a large customer base of collectors and art lovers worldwide.

Fixed prices
We appraise and value your artworks on-site and set a sales price together with you. This way, you are independent of unpredictable auction results.

No sales fees & higher profit margin
In contrast to an auction house, there are no additional fees or discounts when selling through ARTES. All prices are transparent, ensuring that your earnings are higher.

Prompt payment
As soon as a sale is successfully completed, ARTES pays you your sales proceeds - without delays!


Do you have any further questions?

Call us: +49 (0)511 642 771 34

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We look forward to your enquiries.

Your Kunsthaus ARTES.