How to Hang Pictures Correctly

The first thing that often finds its place in a new home is a picture, sometimes even before the refrigerator. 
And already with this basic form of art presentation in the private sphere, the central problem arises, which even the largest museums in the world have to face: Where to put the art?
In exhibition houses, there are trained staff, specialising in museology, to answer this question. But for the layperson, it becomes a dilemma: Petersburg Hanging, Edge-to-Edge Hanging or the Collage as an individual total work of art?

Even in the time of "anything goes", where taste and therefore hanging principles for pictures allow anything that pleases, there are fundamental aesthetic principles that can make hanging your pictures easier.

We will give you some important tips on how to display your artworks appropriately:

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Petersburg Hanging

The Petersburg hanging is named after its location, the Petersburg Hermitage, and it simply means hanging as many pictures as possible on a wall, as close together and as high up as possible. Highly recommended. And very trendy.

Edge-to-Edge Hanging

With Edge-to-Edge Hanging, regardless of content criteria, everything is ruthlessly aligned along an imaginary centreline, using a spirit level.

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No matter what results from your first attempts at hanging, when multiple hangings start to resemble the beginnings of a small personal collection, the process becomes important.

A collection is like a child: it grows, changes constantly, and requires care and attention.

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One Wall, One Picture

Highly recommended if you have enough walls and appropriate sizes.

Symmetrical Hanging

Symmetrical hanging can be attempted with three or more pictures by arranging them in some kind of symmetrical relationship to each other.

Recommended, as people are generally inclined toward harmony and symmetry.

No matter what you prefer: make a trial layout on the floor before drilling holes.


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On the Floor

Who actually says you have to hang your pictures? After all, in the artist's studio they can also stand on the floor or a shelf, on the sofa - either way, casually leaning against the wall.

Whichever hanging style you choose; it is important that you personally like it and find joy and inspiration in your artworks.

We are happy to support you not only with your art purchases but also with the proper presentation and preservation of your treasures. Contact us; we look forward to your inquiries.