Personal Consultation

The Art of Buying Art - Passion, Representation, or Investment?

For many collectors, the "emotional profit" is the main focus when deciding to buy a work of art.

But let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t be pleased to give their home a beautiful transformation with a passionately justified art purchase and to be able to call a stable asset their own? And who wouldn’t like to impress guests or even themselves with reliable art quality?

When buying art, there are several things to consider because buying art is art in itself. We are happy to advise you on this step.


Individual Consultation

You can usually tell at first glance whether you like a work of art.

We are happy to provide you with additional information on what makes the art particularly unique and special - historically, thematically, or even as an asset – through a personal exchange.


• Do you have ideas, need further inspiration, and are looking for a trustworthy and competent exchange about art?

• Do you live in a beautiful home and want to enrich it with an attractive collection?

• Do you want to create a unique atmosphere in your company's premises and appreciate the presentation of excellent art?

• Are you interested in art as an asset and looking for reliable recommendations?

• Do you have a particular work of art in mind and would like advice on how to obtain it or similar works?


Contact us, we look forward to your inquiries!


Experience Art in Person

If you wish, we can also bring your favourite artworks to you for viewing, so that the art is not only accompanied by a face but also have reliable and expert advice that you can always count on.

Contact us with your questions and wishes - we look forward to speaking with you!

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• Art market expertise since 1978

• Broad portfolio from Classical Modernism to Contemporary Art

• Your wishes are important - no favouritism towards individual artists

• Advice from studied art historians

• Support from our expert network