Per Kirkeby:
Set "Erosion 1-3" (1999)
Per Kirkeby:
Set "Erosion 1-3" (1999)

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limited, 90 copies | numbered | signed | colour lithograph | framed | size 68.5 x 53.5 cm

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Set "Erosion 1-3" (1999)
Per Kirkeby: Set "Erosion 1-3" (1999)

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Set "Erosion 1-3" (1999)

Nature was an essential point of reference in Per Kirkeby's multifaceted oeuvre. Like no other, Kirkeby was able to overcome the boundaries between representational painting and abstraction seemingly effortlessly in his depictions. In the present set of three colour lithographs, Kirkeby dealt with progressive erosion processes in nature and translated them with his very own imagery.

Original colour lithograph, 1999. Edition: 90 copies (here offered A.P. copy) numbered and signed by hand. Motif size/sheet size each 50 x 36 cm. Size in frame 68.5 x 53.5 cm as shown.

About Per Kirkeby


Per Kirkeby, born in Copenhagen in 1938, was one of the most exposed painters and sculptors of the present day. Performances with Beuys and Immendorf, among others, top-class art prizes and important exhibitions worldwide document his success.

The artist's graphic works are closely related to his sculptural activity. Kirkeby strove for the real picture that breaks all boundaries. The boundaries between shape and colour are blurred, and colour as a light-bearing substance in its mutability turns into shape. Through its representation, the completed picture reveals its meaning-giving content.

At the end of each creative phase, the graphic becomes the preferred, liberating form of expression. It is the "unpainted" that creates sensations in the viewer and sets no limits to the imagination.

Per Kirkeby worked in Copenhagen, Laeslo and Karlsruhe, where he was a teacher at the Art Academy in 1978.