Max Uhlig

Max Uhlig was born in 1937 in Dresden, Germany. He is a true master of line. The roots of his work lie in drawing and graphic art. However, he soon discovered a fascination for painting as well.

Portraits and landscapes dominate his oeuvre. Following the classical tradition of plein air painting, Uhlig's landscapes are created directly in nature. The banks of the Elbe in Dresden, the vastness of Mecklenburg, the Erzgebirge and later also southern France form the backdrop for his landscape depictions. Those depictions consist of dense, gestural weavings of lines, which the German art magazine "Art" recently described as "uncompromising".

Max Uhlig has developed his own haunting visual language, for which he has received notable awards and international recognition. In 1987, Uhlig received the Kollwitz Prize and, in 1991, the São Paulo Biennial Prize. Graphics and paintings by the long-time professor of painting at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Dresden are in renowned museums worldwide.