Whether roses, tulips, lilies, or sunflowers, whether as a bouquet, in a vase or an entire flower meadow - the flower is one of the most common motifs in art history.

Discover colourful flower paintings, from classical depictions by Marc Chagall to expressive eruptions by Mechtild van Ahlers.

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Artists of almost every epoch took up the subject of flowers, with forms of representation ranging from photorealistic to abstract, from painting to sculpture.

Opulent still lifes in Renaissance and Baroque, Impressionist masterpieces such as by Claude Monet, 20th-century paintings by Pablo Picasso or Marc Chagall, Pop Art adaptations by Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol to interpretations of contemporary art as shown by Jeff Koons or David LaChapelle.

Often, the artists associate more with their depictions of flowers than the often assumed, purely decorative and "beautiful" aspect. In fact, they take up the great symbolic character of the flower and use it to symbolise beauty and love, as well as transience.