Friedensreich Hundertwasser - The last graphic work 1994-2000


On the occasion of Hundertwasser's 90th birthday, his previously unpublished last graphic work was exclusively entrusted to ARTES by the Gemeinnützige Hundertwasser Privatstiftung.

The last graphic work 1994-2000 consists altogether of 7 silkscreens (5 of them in the portfolio La Giudecca Colorata), 2 editions of color etchings, 4 Japanese woodblock prints and the 23 color etchings of the doodles, worked out by Hundertwasser since 1985 and printed between 1996 and 1999, documented in Hundertwasser's catalog raisonné, published by Taschen Verlag in 2002, under the HWG (Hundertwasser Graphics) numbers 111 to 124.

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Versatility of graphic techniques

Hundertwasser mastered and innovated many graphic techniques such as lithography, silkscreen, etching and color woodcut.

He was one of the first to demand and adhere to complete transparency of technique, dates of creation and edition for each individual sheet. 

Hundertwasser never created really high editions of one and the same graphic. His graphic editions consisted of several color versions and variants, which were not numbered separately, but were numbered consecutively as one entire edition.

His goal in the art of original graphics was to produce unique copies according to the diversity in nature, thus outwitting the machine. 

The last graphic work of Hundertwasser is amazing in its uniqueness and in the context of his entire graphic work and is hardly known to the public.

A highlight of the last graphic work 1994-2000 is the silkscreen portfolio La Giudecca Colorata.

The silkscreens captivate with the intense luminosity of the colors and the effective metal embossing in different color variations.


"One thing is absolutely certain: through none of his manifold works, achievements and public activities has Hundertwasser gained as much reputation and fame as through his graphic art.

If today it can be said that Friedensreich Hundertwasser is one of the most important contemporary artists, or even more, Friedensreich Hundertwasser alias Friedrich Stowasser is one of the most popular European artists of our time, the contribution of graphic art to this cannot be overestimated."

(Art historian Hofrat Prof. Dr. Walter Koschatzky, the longest serving director of the Albertina Graphic Collection in Vienna, on the importance and significance of Friedensreich Hundertwasser's original graphic work.)

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