Mixed Media

Mixed techniques refer to the use of different painting techniques in a single artwork.

In this approach, the artist does not limit themselves to one colour system but instead uses the specific advantages of various techniques and materials in terms of handling, colour effect and depth and other effects.

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Mixed Media

Examples of the mixed techniques include the Baroque-era practice of applying oil paint on a tempera underpainting, combining watercolour with pen, or charcoal drawing, and, more recently, the use of acrylic or airbrush.

There are almost no limits to the artists' imagination: similar colours, such as watercolour and gouache, can be combined, as well as materials that are incompatible due to very different properties, resulting in the formation of grains and cracks - intended by the artist.

One of the most famous works created using mixed media techniques is probably the mural "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, but other artists such as Otto Dix, Joseph Beuys, Egon Schiele, Salvador Dalí, Damien Hirst and K. O. Götz have also employed this approach.