Offset Prints

Offset printing, like lithography, is a planographic printing process and is considered its industrial development.

Offset printing is particularly suitable for large print runs and is mostly used for art prints. Artists such as Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke and Christo also use this technique for their graphics.

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Offset Printing

Since the 19th century, efforts have been made to replace the bulky and heavy lithographic stone with a material that shows the same chemical reactions and is just as unrestricted in its expressiveness.

The American Ira Rubel developed the first offset printing process around 1900, laying the foundation for today's printing processes.

In offset printing, the image is first transferred onto a cylinder covered with a rubber blanket. The rubber blanket then transfers the image onto the paper. 

The use of the soft rubber blanket enables sharpness in the drawing as well as fine tonal gradations on hard and rough papers.